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Updated: 17. September 2016.

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1349 - 1349 (CD, MiniAlbum) (Holycaust Records) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Abysmal Growls Of Despair - Between My Dead (CD, Album) (Satanath Records, More Hate Productions, Black Plague Records)
Acherusia - Vampires' Feast (CD, EP) (Spiritus)
Adokhsiny - Live In Satanik Symphony (CDr, EP, Ltd) (Astral Lore Productions)
Agalloch - Marrow Of The Spirit (CD, Album) (Profound Lore Records) * Make offer!
Agalloch - The Grey EP (CD, EP, Ltd) (Vendlus Records) * Make offer!
Agalloch - The White EP (CD, EP, Ltd) (Vendlus Records) * Make offer!
Age Of Agony - Death Metal Artillery (CD, Album) (Terranis Productions)
Age Of Agony - For The Forgotten (CD, Album, Ltd) (Neverheard Distro)
Alcoholic Force - Gasoline Drinkers – Fantomania IV (CD, Comp) (Metal Ör Die Records)
Alghazanth - The Polarity Axiom (CD, Album, Promo) (Woodcut Records)
Amesoeurs - Ruines Humaines (CD, EP, Ltd, Num, Dig) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer!
Among Rats - Intact World (CD, Album) (Rebirth The Metal Productions)
Ana Venus / Halalnihil - Hibernation (2xCDr, Ltd) (The Level of Vulnerability)
Angantyr / Nasheim - Angantyr / Nasheim (CD, Album, Ltd, Num, Box) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer!
Angmar - Metamorphosis (CD, Album) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer!
Aornos - Orior (CD, Album) (Black Plague Records, Symbol Of Domination Prod)
Apoptosis - Monument of Ignorance (CDr, MiniAlbum, Ltd) (Not on label (Self-released) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Asphyx - Last One On Earth (CD, Album, RE, RM) (Century Media) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Astarium - Ostracism Of Anachoret (CDr, EP, Ltd) (Rotten Crowz Productions) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Atheist - Jupiter (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig) (Season Of Mist) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2

Balam Akab - Sacrificio (CD, Album) (American Line Productions)
Barbatos - Live In Alcoholic Downtown (CD, Ltd) (Witchhammer Production)
Belenos - Chemins De Souffrance (CD, Album + Box, Ltd) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer!
Bestial Deform - ...Ad Leones (CD, Album, Ltd) (Satanath Records, More Hate Productions, Musica Hibrida)
Beyond Ye Grave - Ester Panim (CD, Album) (Hidden Marly Production)
Beyond Ye Grave - Total Fucking Decadence (CD, Album) (Hidden Marly Production)
Borow - The Pnakotic Manuscript (CD, Album) (Satanath Records, Rebirth The Metal Productions)
Brainteasers - Quotes Of Great People (CD, Album) (More Hate Productions)
Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses (CD, Album, RE, Enh, Dig) (Earache) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Buried Dreams - Necrosphere (CD, Album) (Oz Productions)
Burning Butthairs - Dirty Sanchez (CD, Album) (Rebirth The Metal Productions)

Cele Kula - The Moonlight And The Misty Night (CD, Album) (Raptures Asylum Production)
Celtefog - Deliverance (CD, Album) (Dark East Productions, Margin Art Records)
Chaoscraft - Procreation Through Disaster (CD, Sta) (War Against Yourself)
Cleric - Gratum Inferno (CDr, Album) (Burning Dogma Records, Sound Of White Noise Records)
Coldblood - Chronology Of Satanic Events (CD, Album) (Metallic Media)
Concrete - Revelations Of Perdition (CDr, Album, Ltd) (Not On Label) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Cult of Vampyrism - Aporia (CD, Album) (Mercy Despise, Dark East Productions)

Daemonheim - Hexentanz (CD, Album, Ltd) (Black Tower Productions)
Dead Trooper - Spiritual Funeral EP (CD, EP) (Not On Label (Self-released)
Death Nöize - Conquest War Famine Death (CD, Album, Ltd) (Metal Ör Die Records)
Deflorace - Suffering (CD, Album) (Pařát Rock Metal Magazine)
Deicide - Till Death Do Us Part (CD, Album) (Earache) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Dig Me No Grave - Cosmic Cult (CD, Album) (Satanath Records, Rebirth The Metal Productions, Dark East Productions)
Dim Aura - R.U.S.T. (CD, EP) (Not On Label)
Disaffected - Rebirth (CD, Album) (Massacre Records)
Drain Of Impurity - The Seventh Planet Of The Infected Cygnus System (CD, Album) (More Hate Productions)
Drephjard - Sorgsvart (CD, EP, Ltd, Dig) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer!
Dusk - Book Of Satan (CD, Album) (Satanic Propaganda Productions) *£6.3 / €7 / $8
Dusk - Satan's Laws (CD, Comp, Ltd) (Possession Productions) *£6.3 / €7 / $8

Egzekwie - Czarna Noc Duszy (CD, Album) (Under The Sign Of Garazel Productions)
Electrozombies - He Visto (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig) (Odio Sonoro, Proyecto Sepulcro, CFA (Corporación Fonográfica Autónoma)
Elffor - Unblessed Woods (CD, Album, Ltd, RE, Dig) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer!
Emperor - Live Inferno (2xCD, Album, Sli) (Candlelight Records) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Empyrium - Weiland (3xCD, Album, Ltd) (Prophecy Productions) * Make offer!
Endless Battle - Brotherhood Of Hate (CD, Album, Ltd) (Werewolf Promotion, Ancient Nation)
Enthrallment - The Voice Of Human Perversity (CD, Album) (Rebirth The Metal Productions, Grindhead Records)
Enthroning Silence - Throned Upon Ashes Of Dusk (CD, Album, Dig) (Dusktone) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Extremely Rotten Flesh - Last Breath (CD, Album) (Brutalized Records)

Fanatic Attack - II. (CD, Album) (Metal Ör Die Records)
Fatal Castration - Perishan Grinder (CD, Album) (Metallic Media, Black Plague Records)
Feu Grégeois - Francorum Regnum Hierosolymorum (CDr) (Not On Label) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Flegethon - Cry Of The Ice Wolves II (CD, Album, RE) (Mercy Despise, Dark East Productions)
Flegethon - The Art Of Regeneration (CD, RE) (Not On Label)
Fornace - My Journey Is Ending But The Torment Will Be Eternal (CD, Album) (Paragon Records)
Funeral Fog - Isolated From Light (CD) (War Against Yourself)

Gondviselés - Építs, Előre! (CDr, Album) (Not On Label (Self-released) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Gotholocaust - Lucifer_h (CD, Album) (Hidden Marly Production)
Gravehuffer - Blasphemusic (CDr, Album) (Reality Impaired Records)
Graven Dusk - Graven Dusk (CD, Album, RE) (Metallic Media, Black Plague Records)
Gravferd - Demonized (CD, Comp, Ltd) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer
Green Carnation - The Quiet Offspring (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig) (Season Of Mist)
Grey Skies Fallen - The Many Sides Of Truth (CD, Album) (Paragon Records)
Gromm - Sacrilegium (CD, Album, Ltd) (Propaganda (4))
Gyötrelem - Hopelessness (CDr, EP, Ltd) (Seléf Released) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6

Häive - Mieli Maassa (CD, Album, Ltd, Box) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer!
Halalnihil - Eucharisztikus Faszlyukbaszás (CDr, EP, Ltd) (Rotten Crowz Productions) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Halalnihil - Global Uterus Annihilation (CDr, Album, Ltd) (Rotten Crowz Productions) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Halalnihil - Megbaszni Minden Rákos Embert A Földön (CDr) (The Level of Vulnerability) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Halalnihil - Ourethra Miracle (CDr, Mini, EP, Ltd) (Ikebukuro Dada) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Halberd - Remnants Of Crumbling Empires (CD, Album) (Metallic Media, Black Plague Records)
Haossaa - Haossaa (CD, Album) (Peyote Müzik)
Hate Forest - Nietzscheism (CD, Comp) (Supernal Music) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Hate Forest - Sorrow (CD, Album) (Supernal Music) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Hateful - Descendants of the Earth (CD, Album, Ltd) (Werewolf Promotion)
Hateful - Hatred Heritage (CD, Album, Ltd) (Werewolf Promotion, Witches Sabbath Records)
Hellcraft - Tyranny Of Middle Ages (CD, Album, RE) (Rebirth The Metal Productions)
Hermitage - Blood Of The True (CD, Album) (Werewolf Promotion)
Horna - Ääniä Yössä (CD, Album, Ltd, Sli) (Debemur Morti Productions) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Hulduefni / HD 283271 - Exogenesis (CDr, Album, Ltd) (Dark Matter Records) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6

Immoralist - Progressive Demise (CD, Album, RE) (Wings Of Destruction)
Impaler - Chronicles Of Terror (3xCD, Comp, Ltd, Del) (AreaDeath Productions) *£14.4 / €16 / $18.5
Imperium Infernalis - Choking On The Stench Of Mankind (CD) (Le Crépuscule Du Soir)
Injekting Khaos - Salvation Through Violence (CD, Ltd, DIG) (Repentance Rex)

Jar - Panavannie Pahanstva (CD, Album) (Werewolf Promotion)
Juno Bloodlust - The Lord Of Obsession (CD, Album) (Zero Dimensional records)

Karysun - Interceptor (CD, Album) (Karysun Recordings, Sound Devastation Records, Odio Sonoro)
Keeper - MMXIV (CD, Album, Ltd) (Metallic Media, Black Plague Records)
Kill Ferelli - A Modern Scenery (CD, Album) (Suburban Records)
Killbutton - Halos Against The Dark (CD, Album) (Spiky Mountain Records)
Klootzak - Huan (CD, MiniAlbum) (Not On Label (Self-released) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Kolp - The Outside (CD, Album, Digi) (Temple Of Torturous)
Korium - Do Komnát Večnej Zimy (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig) (War Against Yourself)
Kosa - Sintemptation (CD, Album, Ltd, dig) (Propaganda Records)
Krampüs - Graveyard Blowjob (CD, Album) (Terranis Productions)
Kratornas / Balberith - South East Goatworship (CD, Album, Ltd) (Deathrash Armageddon)

Lacerater - Nessun Urlo Nell'Ombra (CD, MiniAlbum) (Not On Label)
Lepra - Oderint Dúm Métuant (CD, Album, Sta) (War Against Yourself)
Leukorrhea - Evolution Through Rape (CD, Album) (Sevared Records)
Lucifugum - Acme Adeptum (CD, Album, Ltd) (Propaganda)

Malvm - MMXV (CDr, MiniAlbum, Ltd) (Self Released) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Mandíbula - Sacrificial Metal Of Death (CD) (Caverna Abismal Records, Ethereal Sound Works)
Mastabah - I Hate You (CD, Album, Dig) (Not On Label)
Mischievous Augury - Immortal Land (CD, Album) (From The Grave Productions)
Mists Of Poveglia - Walking Through Forests Of Depression (CDr, Comp) (Rotten Crowz Productions) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Moloch - Abstrakter Wald (CD, Album, RE) (Metallic Media)
Moloch - Humane Too Sheeps (CDr, Album, Ltd) (Reality Impaired Records)
Moloch - Verwüstung (CD, Album, Ltd) (Hidden Marly Production)
Moonkult / Solus - Transmissions (CD) (Black Plague Records, Metallic Media, Satanath Records)
Morior Axis - Arsenik Gift (CD, Album) (Not On Label)
Mörker - Skuggornas Rike (CD, Album, Ltd, Num, Dig) (Northern Silence Productions) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Mustan Kuun Lapset - Talvenranta (CD, Album, Enh) (Roihu Records)

Nae'blis - Sketches Of Reality (CD, Album, Ltd, Num, Box) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer!
Nagaarum - Belaja Tajga (CDr, Album, Ltd) (Not On Label (Nagaarum Self-released))
Nagaarum - D.I.M. (CD, Album, Ltd) (Endless Winter, GS Productions, Outer Line)
Nazghor - Diabolical Teachings (CD, Album) (Metallic Media, Black Plague Records)
Nazghor - Through Darkness and Hell (CD, Album) (Metallic Media, Black Plague Records)
Necronomicon Beast / Fetid Zombie - United In Defiance (CD) (Rawblackult Productions)
Necroratory - Mad Disease (CDr, Album, Dig) (Not on label)
Nekrasov - Cognition Of Splendid Oblivion (CD, Album) (Siege Of Power)
Nekrasov / Humiliation - Nekrasov/Humiliation (CD) (New Scream Industry)
Nervochaos - Quarrel In Hell (CD, Album) (Tumba Records)
Neter - Idols (CD, Album) (Metallic Media, Black Plague Records, Satanath Records)

Omen - Koncert (CD, Album, RE) (Alexandra Records) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Operation Winter Mist - Winter Warfare II (CD, Ltd) (Regimental Records)
Ophidian Coil - Denial | Will | Becoming (CD, EP, Ltd) (Obscure Abhorrence Productions)
Order Of The Ebon Hand - XV: The Devil (CD, Album, Promo) (Season Of Mist)
Origin Of Plague - Desolate Grey Sky (CD, MiniAlbum) (Misanthropic Art Productions, Razed Soul Productions)
Ossarium - Emanation (CD, EP) (Caverna Abismal Records, Preposterous Creations)
Öröm - O (CDr, Album, Ltd, Dig) (Self-Released) *£10.8 / €12 / $13.8

Pagan Spirit - Hlasy Vzývajúce Starú Vieru (CD, Album, Dig) (Hrom Records)
Pale Mist - Spreading My Wings Into The Abyss That Calls (CD, Album) (Werewolf Promotion, Sinister Stench Productions)
Perisynti - Hiilenmusta Lammas (CD, Album, Ltd) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer!
Plutonium - Wind Of Change (CDr, Dem) (Not On Label ( Self-released)
Possessed Tribute - Seven Burning Churches (CD, Comp) (More Hate Productions)

Raices Torcidas - Digital Metal Flesh (CD, Album, Dig + DVD-V) (American Line Productions) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Ravnkald - Pure Pagan Blood (CD, Album, Ltd) (Werewolf Promotion, Azermedoth Records)
Red And The Dumbasses - Boozehound (CDr, MiniAlbum, Ltd) (Not On Label) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Remete - Hamvaim (CDr, EP, Ltd) (Castellum Stoufenburc) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Remete - Odabenn (CD, Album, Ltd) (Old Captain, Twilight Records) *£9 / €10 / $11.5
Repulsive Dissection - Church Of The Five Precious Wounds (CD, Album) (Sevared Records)
Reverend Bizarre / Kuolema - Rotestilaulu / Kaljaa Nuorille (CD, Single, Enh) (MCR Company) * Make offer!
Riot Of Violence - Planet Of The Rapes (CD, Album) (Self-released))
Ritual Genocide - Commencement Towards Annihilation (CD, EP) (Black Plague Records)
Rituals Of The Oak - Hour Of Judgement (CD, Album) (Eyes Like Snow)
Roadkill XIII - Triskaidekaphobia (CD, Album) (Rebirth The Metal Productions, Satanath Records)
Ronnie Ripper's Private War - Socially Challenged (CD) (Bottom Records) *£9 / €10 / $11.5
Rötten - Troopers Of Midnight (CD, Album, Ltd) (Witchhammer Production)

Satanic Assault Division - Kill The Cross (CD, Album) (Black Plague Records, Metallic Media, Satanath Records)
Sektor - Alpha (CD, Album) (Rebirth The Metal Productions, Satanath Records)
Seraphic Disgust - AltarCunt (CD, Album) (Engulfed In Darkness Records)
Severoth - Solitude (CD, Album, Ltd) (Werewolf Promotion)
Shrine - 1990-1996 (2xCD, Comp, Ltd) (Chaosphere Recordings, RagingPlanet) *£10.8 / €12 / $13.8
Silent Kingdom - Legends Of An Old Grave (CD, Album) (Zero Budget Productions, Walk Records)
Six Feet Under - Graveyard Classics 2 (CD, Album) (Metal Blade Records) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Skyforger - Kurbads (CD, Album, Dig) (Metal Blade Records) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Slow - Unsleep (CD, Album) (Metallic Media, Black Plague Records)
Stillhet - Gjemt I Skyggene (CD, Ltd, Dig) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer!
Sturmgeist - Meister Mephisto (CD, Album, Promo) (Season Of Mist)
Sturmtiger - World at War 1914-1918 (CD, Album) (Metallic Media, Black Plague Records)
Suicide Of Disaster - Evisceration Of Pregnant Abdomen (CD, Album) (Rebirth The Metal Productions)
Surt - Panzer Wraith Of Death (CDr, Album, Ltd) (Not On Label) *£3.6 / €4 / $4.6
Svartgren - Prazan Grob (CD, Album) (Hidden Marly Production)
Sympuls-e - Solarstorm (CD, Album, Ltd) (Metallic Media, Black Plague Records)

Temnohor - Pýcha Lesov Karpatských (CD) (Egg of Nihilism Productions)
Tenebrae - Three Unholy Voices of Obscurity (CD, Album, dig) (Triumf Productions)
The Wandering Midget - I Am The Gate (CD, EP) (Eyes Like Snow)
Thorngoth - Thelema Of Destruction (CD, Album, Ltd, Num, Box) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer!
Towards Global Holocaust - Ever Onwards... (CD, EP) (Scattered To The Winds)
Towards Global Holocaust - Feuersturm (CD) (Scattered To The Winds)
Trou Noir - Nova (CD, Album, Ltd) (War Against Yourself)
Tunes Of Despair - From Beyond The Vein (CD, Album) (Misanthropic Art)

Ulvhedner / Galdrer - Ferdasyn / Trolldomsanger (CD, Album, Ltd) (Northern Silence Productions) * Make offer!
Undersave - After The Domestication Comes The Manipulation (CD, EP) (Not On Label)
Uruk-Hai - Elbenstahl (CD, Album, Ltd) (Metallic Media)
Usurper - Visions From The Gods (CD, Comp, Ltd, Dig) (Necropolis Records)

Veér - 27 (CD, Album, Ltd) (Caverna Abismal Records, Neverheard Distro)
Velm - Orkan (CD, Album, Ltd) (Neverheard Distro)
Vhernen - .S.Y.B.E.R.I.A. (CD, MiniAlbum, Ltd) (Eerie Art Records) * Make offer!
Via Dolorosa - Immortal ad Vitam (CD, Album) (Werewolf Promotion)
Virus - A New Strain Of An Old Disease (CD, MiniAlbum) (Killer Metal Records, Saol) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
Vrag- Mourningwood (CD, Album) (Dark East Productions, Margin Art Records)
Vulcano Tribute - Satanic Legions A Tribute to Vulcano (CD, Album, Comp) (Violent Records)

War - Insanity Of Faith (CD, Album, Ltd, Num) (Under The Sign Of Garazel Productions)
War Pestilence / Nocturnal Death - Cursed Tombs of Perverse Conjuration (CD, Album, Ltd) (Engulfed In Darkness Records)
Watch My Dying - Moebius (CD, Album, Dig) (Not On Label (Self-released) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2
While They Sleep - La Nausee (CD, Album, Ltd) (More Hate Productions, Symbol Of Domination Prod)
Widower - Goat Throne (CD, EP) (Rescued From Life Records, Sound Of White Noise Records)
Winterfront - Northwinds (CD, Album) (Werewolf Promotion, Lower Silesian Stronghold)
Winterheart - My Journey To Suicide (CDr, Album, Ltd) (CVLMINIS)
Witcher - Csendes Domb (CD, Album, Ltd) (Mercy Despise, Dark East Productions)
World Below - Sacrifices To The Moon (CD, Album, Dig) (Doom Symphony)
Worstenemy - Under Ashes Of Wicked (CD, EP) (Raptures Asylum Production)
WTN - Black Hearse (CD, Album) (Scrotum Jus Records)

Ygfan - Köd (CD, Album) (A Sad Sadness Song) *£7.2 / €8 / $9.2

Zloslut - U Transu Sa Nepoznatim Siluetama (CD, Album) (Winterblast Halls, Dark Chants Productions)